What You Need to Know About Vitamin Injections

A vitamin injection is a shot of various vitamin supplements which are injected into your body. The injections are utilized when the dosage one has to take orally is much. It is a therapy which is controversial as there are some dangers which these injections can cause both to the injection method and the size of the dosage.


A person could get the required platelet rich plasma if they maintained a healthy and balanced diet. You can also buy vitamin supplements to assist the intake of certain nutrients. Your digestive system will filter any extra dosage of vitamins healthily, process the right quantity that your body needs.


Vitamin injections are prescribed when one cannot consume food through the mouth. Glucose treatments accompany the injections to provide calories to the patient. These injections are different from a vaccination where you are given the dose in a single shot. The vitamin injections are administered using an intravenous drip and are part of the saline mix. When the vitamins are injected directly into your bloodstream, your body cannot deal with the excess nutrients so the dose should be administered strictly. As mentioned, digestion can remove the excessive amounts of a particular vitamin if one takes it orally, but it might be toxic with the same level of an overdose in case it is injected.


From the late 90s, vitamin injections have become a health trend, originating with celebrities and athletes. Some of the common vitamins injected are A, D, K, B and B 12.


Some 'vitamin cafes' have come up since that time. They provide a casual venue for getting intravenous drip packs with a wide variety of these packs being provided. They are being advertised as enhancing your metabolism, your immune system, brain activity and numerous other bodily functions. They are marketed as health drinks and other weight loss supplements.


In addition to overdosing, vitamin injections can lead to other health problems which ran from severe to mild. These health issues include; jaundice, nausea, liver damage, cramping and kidney damage.


In the extreme cases, they could even lead to death. The highest risk for having health issues can come from injections of vitamins A, D, E and K as they do not break down naturally. They are stored in your body tissues and are fat-soluble which means that they dissolve in and stored in fat in your body and it becomes harder for your body to get rid of these excess vitamins.